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Everyone loves a behind the scenes look. Whether that's movie outtakes or a backstage pass to your favourite gig! Before you decide that ROCK is the place to make your next career move, check us out with your very own backstage pass. 

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Life at ROCK

Skills are great (and in some cases needed), but we are far more interested in your personal values and traits. We work on the belief that skills can be learnt, where as having the right set of values and principles; integrity, honesty and being supportive, is something that can't be achieved in the classroom. 

We are a business that's made up of smart, talented and dynamic people that enjoy delivering brilliant work, that excel at a challenge, and solve problems through innovation and technology. 

When you are part of ROCK, no two days are the same; we can guarantee lots of laughter, plenty of collaboration and hard work doing what you love. 

Why we love working at ROCK

With everything from a perfect first week to making sure we invest in our management to create the leaders of tomorrow, our focus on culture goes far deeper that providing the pizzas (although that does happen too).

Just like the additional long-service annual leave days, we make cultural changes that benefit our employees at the touch of a button.

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If our ethos and approach to business leave you wanting more, keep in the loop with all our antics and the fun stuff on social.    

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